Let us help you with that?

Congratulations! You've just bagged the biggest client of the year and they've hired you to build them the greatest solution ever!
You're thinking you've got the developers but maybe you should hire a project manager.
But hang on, the project probably doesn't warrent a full time PM ...
Aha! Just take a seat under the shady leaves of the app tree and let us solve your quandry.

Now you're comfortable, let's see what you need ...

a part time PM

Once it's up and running, your project will probably only need (an effective) project manager for about 10 hours a week...

a dev whisperer

.. and the PM would have to be fluent in 'developer-speak', to cut out the "oh no, you can't do that!" and the "yes, that will take 2 months"...


... and finally, the documents, real requirements docs ... no more wasted "off-piste" development - feeling more relaxed?

It's nice under the app tree shady branchs eh?

Or maybe it's your codebase?

... you probably have more than one version, the maintainance costs are climbing - not to mention the ridiculously long test times!

Don't panic... just follow these steps:

Step 1
Part Time Project Manager

... your new part time, dev whispering, project manager will arrange Step 2

Step 2
Code review + consolidaiton

Now you're thinking clearly! This part time PM-ing has already paid for itself!

Step 3
Weekly review + planning

Happy developers, delivery dates, more projects. PM sucess is your success.

Save time, money and increase your teams productivity - it's a no brianer!