Welcome to The App Tree

Our clients are innovators in a wide range of sectors from finance to education, health and fitness to broadband providers – they are experts in their subject as we are experts in technology. Together we realise our clients’ potential.

Deep understanding of the software lifecycle from concept to¬† deployment, hosting and maintenance¬†combined with a unique ability to absorb and recognise the nuances of our clients’ specific industry, underpins the unique services provided by The App Tree.

We have successfully scaled MVP’s, designed and built production critical software systems for established businesses and streamlined business processes resulting in massive productivity efficiencies and cost reduction while establishing long term strategies ensuring sustained rewards.

How can we help you?

Call us now on +353 (0) 1254 8780 or drop us a line via the contact form below to find out how our unique approach can help you and your business.

Whether you have a multi million turn over or are just ready to scale, the App Tree process will work for you – here’s how it goes:

You tell us about your business, your vision, your goals and your pain points.

We listen.

We document a high level plan of action, detailing options available to you based on your requirements and ambition. Plans include time and cost estimates for each option and where possible a return of investment analysis.

Together we review the plan, refining options to understand accurately the risks and benefits, costs and time of each.

You now decide which of the options you wish to pursue. Together we decide whether to integrate App Tree skill within your existing team or simply implement your requirements offsite with minimal impact to your existing business.

Sounds good?

Let’s have a chat to see if your business could benefit from the App Tree services.

Call us now on +353 90) 1254 8780 or drop us a line via our contact form below.  We look forward to hearing from you.